Standard room

Private room in an apartment shared with 3 students

Standard room

$350 / month for a long-term rental (12 months and more)

$450 / month for a short-term rental (4 months or 8 months)

  • Large private room, fully furnished
  • In a large, shared apartment
  • Access to a furnished kitchen, bathroom and living room
  • Unlimited high speed wifi included
  • Electricity, heating and hot water included
  • Access to all services (study rooms, recreation, gym)
  • Safe and study friendly environment
  • Standard units have a single bed while superior units have a double bed
  • The first month’s rent is payable at the signing of the lease and is non-refundable

Services offered

Heating, electricity and hot water included

High speed wifi connection

Furniture Included: Bed, work desk, chair, storage cabinet, Stove, refrigerator, microwave, kitchen table and chairs, sofas

Modern and connected study rooms

Entertainment room with game tables

Fitness room

Landscaped outdoor spaces

Bike storage rooms

Laundry facilities in each building

Rental office on site

Secure location with surveillance

Paid outdoor parking

Exceptional location

Television, bedding, kitchen utensils and hygiene products not included in the rental.

Salle d'étude
  • These photos are for illustrative purposes only and the rented room may be different from the photos

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